Welcome to Holistic Healing Melbourne with Jackie Richards

Welcome to Holistic Healing Melbourne with Jackie Richards

Welcome to Holistic Healing Melbourne with Jackie Richards

It’s a very rewarding and humbling experience being able to support others work through their issues and find solutions. The wisdom gained and shared is very special. Each client has their individual problems they need guidance to work through and with Jackie’s knowledge and skills she can assist them in gaining insights on how to reach a resolution.

Through her skills as an Holistic Counsellor, and incorporating her other modalities, Jackie is able to support clients to relax, open up and feel safe expressing their fears and finding new perspectives.

Contact Jackie at Holistic Healing Melbourne today on 0410 161 099 to book an appointment and find new ways to enrich your life.

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What her clients say:

“My sister gave me a session with Jackie as a birthday gift (with an on-line gift voucher) as I was going through a challenging time in my life. I found that first session to be fantastic as Jackie’s gentle nature and non judgmental ways made me feel so much better and able to open up and trust her with my most deepest emotions and fears. A year on I feel so much better and with her help have been able to work through some difficult issues. The Reiki sessions are great for healing and calming and the flower remedies help me to maintain my inner strength and balance. Thanks Jackie” Alex, Keilor

“I met Jackie at a time in my life that was very stressful, headaches, anxiety and self-doubt plagued me. I could not find joy in life. Through her healing hands , I have been able to rediscover my joy for life.  Her Indian head  massage with flower essence remedies have reduced my stress, headaches are gone , I feel confident and now perform better at work. I have also benefitted from Jackie’s  guidance , she has taught me simple yet very effective exercises ,  her gentle , calming and professional manner have given me back  a sense of ‘me’ I thought I had lost forever.  If you want a professional individual who is respectful and cares –  then I highly recommend Jackie” Mary, Viewbank

“At the Flower Essences Workshop Jackie provided a wonderful overview of colours and flower essences, and how they can be applied to raise our positivity and energy levels. Her tips and techniques for reducing stress, and learning to connect with our environments were insightful and practical. Thank you Jackie!” Valentina, Port Melbourne.

“Jackie has helped me through some tough times with her counselling and support and has made me see things clearer. Her (Indian) head massages are great and help me relax and sleep better. Thanks Jackie for all your support and continued excellence in providing holistic healing!” Jacqui, Montmorency

“I was fortunate enough to meet Jackie half way through my gruelling breast cancer treatments, when both, my body and Self were in desperate need of gentle care. Jackie has been providing me with a range of treatments that suit my needs on the day of each session, ever since; from soothing and gentle Indian Head Massage treatments to calming and balancing Reiki healings. She also offers spiritual guidance and gentle reassurance with her effective and soothing flower essence remedies. I cannot thank Jackie enough for the wonderful care she provides me with and for her professional, yet loving way of delivering treatments.” Patricia, Avondale Heights

“I recently attended an appointment with Jackie for treatment for seasonal allergies and sinus pain. I requested an Indian Head Massage and was not disappointed with the results. As an adjunct to this treatment Jackie suggested trying a Flower essence spray for the allergic rhinitis I was experiencing. The spray was safe and effective and easy to use. I felt comfortable with Jackie’s approach and manner. To say I was in safe hands would be an understatement.” Margaret, Rosanna

“The Flower Essence Workshop gave me the opportunity to inform myself about flower essences. Also a great way of approaching pain, seeing it in a different way and using healing in a natural form through flower essences.” Maria, Lower Plenty

“After having many constant stress related headaches, Jackie’s Indian Head Massage has helped significantly. I very rarely have them now and while I was attending to the usual factors of water etc, the missing one was relaxing muscles that otherwise remained tense. Sitting at a desk for many hours can be a health issue and I now consider this to be an essential part of my health management.” Mark, Narrewarren South

“Whilst experiencing a very challenging year the Reiki sessions have helped me to relax and focus on being calm during what is quite a stressful time. It has enabled me to channel my inner energy and reflect on the impact of my stress to my body. Jackie has been very supportive of me on this journey and it is greatly appreciated.” Deborah, Eltham.

“There is no doubt I left the (Indian Head Massage) sessions in way better shape mentally and physically because of Jackie’s expert treatment. Shoulders and neck stress is a weak point for me due to hours at a PC. The soothing relief of the massages has been a wonderful assistance in getting me ‘back to normal again’. Many thanks.” Rob, Hawthorn

“I believe the (Indian Head Massage) experience put me in a better head space, which made it easier to face my work day! I really enjoyed it and found it to be a very calming yet energising experience.” Melissa, Melbourne
 “With Jackie’s guidance and support I am able to re-focus on what I need to do to gain clarity and growth as I continue my journey of healing. Jackie is a delightful, compassionate and very caring person and I highly recommend her to you.” Denise, Bundoora

“Jackie has helped me open new healing avenues for self discovery and redirection. The healing properties of the flower essences have connected me to the power of my inner self and with Jackie’s support and guidance I am moving forward through my issues.” Robyn, Wattle Glen

“I have had the pleasure of being Jackie’s client on several occasions. She has knowledge of several modalities from which she can provide healings. My back pain issues have significantly improved since receiving the Acu-Treatment therapy and I find every session relaxing and enjoyable.” Lois, Hurstbridge

“Jackie is a caring practitioner – her Indian head massages left me feeling physically relaxed, mentally calm, and most importantly gave me clarity of thought which I never thought possible! An ideal way to de-stress and de-clutter one’s mind. Thanks Jackie!”  Valentina, St Kilda

“I have been Jackie’s client on a number of occasions where she has used different modalities depending on my situation and need at the time. Her Indian Head Massage and Reiki techniques have been effective in helping me relax, improve concentration and be a more balanced individual.” Alex, Montmorency


Jackie Richards