Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

We all have relationships. They can be between family members, work colleagues or friends. We all have interactions and need to be able to communicate. It’s when the communication channels break down through your assumptions or expectations being out of alignment that relationships issues occur.

I work with many different relationship issues – husband and wife issues, mother and child issues, relationships with the in-laws, with work colleagues, between friends. Communication is always the problem. Added to this there are often unrealistic expectations of behaviour and wanting the other person to conform to your views.

The saying “you can’t change anyone, you can only change yourself” is true. The challenge is to be open to understanding your expectations and belief systems. When you find ways to adjust them conflict is reduced and greater appreciation is experienced. By changing yourself you become the role model for others to follow.

We are all unique in how we were brought up. This applies to the values and belief systems we have that drive our behaviour. When you allow yourself to step back and be open to new perspectives on what is happening then new behaviours can be learned and different outcomes achieved.

All too often we ‘react’ to situations rather than taking a breath and asking “what is really happening here?” With a greater understanding of why you behave as you do, you’ll have the potential to change old habits that no longer work for you to ones that do.

Whatever the relationship issue I can support you in looking at it differently and teach you skills to change your behaviour so that there is more harmony in your interactions.

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Relationship Issues

Client testimonial:

“My sister gave me a session with Jackie as a birthday gift (with an on-line gift voucher) as I was going through a challenging time with relationships. I found that first session to be fantastic as Jackie’s gentle nature and non-judgemental ways made me feel so much better and able to open up and trust her with my deepest emotions and fears.

A year on I feel so much better and with her help have been able to work through some difficult relationship issues. The Reiki sessions are great for healing and calming and the flower remedies help me to maintain my inner strength and balance. Thanks Jackie” Alex, Keilor