May Newsletter

May Newsletter – Surrender and Release

Hi everyone,

In this May newsletter I’ll show you how by letting go of control and choosing to surrender and release you can feel calmer and alleviate anxiety.

I’ve had a few occasions lately where I’ve needed to simply surrender and stop trying to force a situation to how I want it to go. Surrender is often thought of as being a weakness and giving up, but it’s not. Surrender is an opportunity to release the need to control a situation or person and trust in the Divine Universe that all will work out in the end for the better.

This strategy is really helpful if you feel you’re at the end of your tether over something and don’t know what else to do. Know that if you’ve done the best that you can then it’s probably time to let go and focus on other areas of your life to enjoy. You can’t fix everything and you certainly can’t fix other people.

Letting go in this way relaxes your energy and allows the opportunity for new insights and perspectives to filter through. This can then free you of the incessant mind chatter about the situation and let you carry on with life with increased optimism.

When we try to control everything that’s going on we restrict the energy. More often than not when things get tough the energy we have is fear energy and this isn’t supportive of a beneficial outcome. So when you release and let go through the act of surrender the energy is lighter and less constrained opening up the potential for miracles to happen.

Allow me to support you in surrendering your issues and feeling safe to do it through a gentle counselling session followed by a Reiki healing.

Call me on 0410 161 099 to book an appointment to start the releasing process now.

 Kind regards


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“Whilst experiencing a very challenging year the Reiki sessions have helped me to relax and focus on being calm during what is quite a stressful time. It has enabled me to channel my inner energy and reflect on the impact of my stress to my body. Jackie has been very supportive of me on this journey and it is greatly appreciated.” Deborah, Eltham.
“With Jackie’s guidance and support I am able to re-focus on what I need to do to gain clarity and growth as I continue my journey of healing. Jackie is a delightful, compassionate and very caring person and I highly recommend her to you.”Denise, Bundoora


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