March Newsletter

March Newsletter – Release Your Burdens

In this March newsletter I’ll explain how you can release your burdens in a safe and practical way.

Of late I’ve been reminded of the phrase You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. My own upbringing was unsettling with my parents splitting up when I was young and growing up with a violent step-father. It took me a while to understand why I had some of the behaviours that I had. Many were due to the influence of my parental figures and learning survival techniques to keep me safe. I grew up wanting everyone to be happy – don’t we all, and became the mediator in the family when arguments happened. My quiet disposition was also my way of not being noticed then I wouldn’t get hurt.

It’s taken a while and a lot of healing and forgiveness to realise that I don’t need to make it right for everyone. I’m no longer the mediator in my family and have a relationship with each member, even though they may not have a relationship with each other. But that is their choice.

Reiki has been paramount in supporting me in changing my attitude to Life. I now have an appreciation of all I experienced as a child with no regrets. I understand the perspectives of my parents and forgive them for how I they brought us up. I realise that they had their issues too and inner demons to content with. Most importantly I’m grateful for being taught the effective Reiki techniques that enabled me to forgive my step-father for all he put us through and was able to tell him I loved him before he passed away.

Allow me to teach you the practical, down-to-earth skills of Reiki and let your burdens to be released.

My next workshop is on Sundays 2nd and 9th April.

Numbers are limited so call me now on 0410 161 099 to guarantee your place.

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What My Reiki Student’s Have To Say

I loved the structure, the mix of activities, the opportunities provided and feeling very supported and nurtured. The workshop over the two weekends also provided great opportunity to practice and was not overwhelming”, Renata, Coburg


March Newsletter - Reiki 1 Workshop