June Newsletter

June Newsletter – Still The Mind

Hi everyone,

In this June newsletter I’ll offer some practical tips to support being able to still the mind and feel calm again.

Do you ever feel that you mind is running away with you and you are out of control with your thoughts going all over the place? Then you beat yourself up for not being in control of your mind and start a downward spiral of negative self talk about your lack of this, that or the other?

It’s normal to get locked in a train of thought then struggle to get out unless you have some techniques up your sleeve to break the cycle. The first skill is to be aware when you’re doing this then you can bring in a number of options to get you out.

One option is to change what words you are using and use more supportive ones. So rather than use “I should” change this to “I can” or “I could”. Alternatively alter “I tried” or “I’ll try” to “I had a go” or “I’m willing to have a go”. Too often you’ll use sharp or demanding words of yourself yet with others you’re more compassionate or accommodating. Having some consideration and compassion for yourself will support softening the mind talk and loosening its hold over you.

A second course of action is to stop the flow of thoughts, bring yourself into the present and focus on your breathing. As thoughts come in again say to yourself “not now thank you, I’m being present with my breathing” and let the thought go. R-enforce this by saying the word Love as you breathe in and the word Peace as you breathe out so you have something affirming to concentrate on. This is a subtle yet powerful exercise and you can bring it in at any time to support you.

When you struggle to control the mind chatter I recommend learning Reiki. Reiki is a practical and gentle hands on healing technique that brings you back into the present moment allowing you to connect to your inner calm. Added to the above techniques Reiki is a powerful asset to have in your self-help toolkit giving you multiple options to call on as you as you negotiate the pressures of modern living.

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June Newsletter - Still The Mind

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