July Newsletter

July Newsletter – Reflect and Consolidate

Hi everyone,

In this July newsletter I’ll share why it’s important to reflect and consolidate at this time of year.

We’re well into winter now and it’s often a time when we lose our motivation and enthusiasm for life. The short days and longer, dark nights make it quite a challenge getting up in the morning. More time is spent indoors too as it’s so cold outside so we miss out on the uplifting daylight time. We have at least gone past the winter solstice so the days will slowly be getting longer.

This is a perfect time to reflect on where you are at in your life and consolidate all you have done so far this year. Take time out to really assess and acknowledge all you have achieved, the challenges you’ve faced and overcome and the wonderful interactions and experiences that have made your life worthwhile. Create some space where you can ponder where you’d like to be in the future and draw up some ideas on how you might get there.

You will most likely need to change some aspect of your life and your approach to it in order to achieve your goals. Change is never easy, even when it’s part of getting where we want to be. Being able to look at yourself with compassion and having a willingness to bring in different ways of doing things is part of the essence of Reiki. Learning Reiki brings in a whole new perspective on your life and the choices you can make. It brings greater self awareness and understanding. Change becomes less daunting as you have the tools to support you moving towards your goals.

My next Reiki workshop will be on Sundays 30th July & 6th August. Contact me now on 0410 161 099 to reserve your place as numbers are limited. More information what is covered in the workshop is on my website http://holistichealingmelbourne.com.au/reiki-level-1-workshop/.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of change.

Best wishes




Reiki One Workshop

My next Reiki One workshop will be on Sundays 30th July and 6th August. Contact me for a registration form or see my workshops page for more details.

July Newsletter - Reiki One Workshop


I recently completed my Reiki One course with Jackie. Jackie was very thorough in her teaching and hands on method. I very much enjoyed learning the art of Reiki and am looking forward to learning level 2!”, Kathy, Rowville

Thank you Jackie for providing me with many skills and knowledge from your wonderful teaching abilities and Gift as a Reiki Master. I have thoroughly enjoyed your workshops and the Reiki healings you have given me.” Tania, Greensborough