February Newsletter

February Newsletter – Use fear energy to motivate you

Hi everyone,

Wasn’t the full moon last Wednesday night magnificent? It may have stirred up emotions within you which is natural. The moon cycles influence our tides and water. Given that we are 70% water it stands to reason that you may have been affected. Your most common emotion is fear. For me I use fear as a reason to procrastinate on being more visible. However, I know that if I can understand the root cause of my fears then I can use the energy of it to motivate me instead of holding me back.

Fear and excitement produce much the same hormonal release in the body except that fear causes you to stop and excitement will spur you on. If you are fearful it’s simply your ego digging its heels in resisting change. In this situation ask yourself “I wonder what it would feel like if I actually achieved this?” and allow yourself to experience the excitement flow through you. This could be the motivation you need to kick start you into action.

I had an amazing aha moment last week where I realised that I was jeopardising my love of teaching Reiki because I had a subconscious fear that people would abandon me. My energy was pushing potential participants away. Once I understood this I was able to release this fear and the women who had expressed an interest in the workshop but not committed finally confirmed their attendance. I was so excited that I’d worked out my block and was able to overcome it.

The turning point was using the fear energy to motivate me instead of holding me back.

Having my Reiki skills supported me in having this realisation and letting it go. My clients often have this experience too when they come to see me. It’s inspiring to witness.

Allow me to support you in uncovering and gently releasing your blocks so you can move on with excitement in your life.

Call me on 0410 161 099 to book an appointment or email me on jackie@holistichealingmelbourne.com.au.

Warm wishes


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“Jackie has been invaluable in helping me through some difficult times in my life, some of which are still ongoing. She always explains things very clearly to help you understand why things happen and how to get through them. She always listens with an open mind and is never judgemental. She is always willing to help and my life is so much better for having met her. Thank you Jackie.”

Emma, Bundoora.