February Newsletter

February Newsletter – Tolerance and Acceptance

Hi everyone,

Well we’re already into February. Can you believe it! One of the core themes coming through from clients is their struggle with tolerance and acceptance of other people. This can be with a loved one, people they work with or general interactions. Your intolerance levels go up when you expect others to think like you and you want to impose your values on them. In your mind chatter there are a lot of “should” and “oughts” running rampant!

When you find yourself in this space I encourage you to take a deep breath and see if you can find the space to acknowledge that we’re all different. We’ve all had different upbringings and life experiences. Most of your habits and behaviours are learned when you’re young and you do them automatically without thinking. Your parents will most likely have had the biggest influence on your life – whether you like it or not. Are there aspects of yourself that you don’t like because it reminds you of your parents? There most probably are!

Often the things that irritate us in others are a reflection of those characteristics we don’t like in ourselves. So when someone is “pressing your buttons” think to yourself – “what part of me are they mirroring that needs attention?”

More often than not you’re too busy to have this level of self-reflection and simply get annoyed. Yet if you can allow yourself to relax this opens up the possibility of seeing different perspectives. Experiencing a Reiki healing is a calming process that creates the opportunity for letting go of preconceived ideas and opens up the potential to look at situations in new ways.

Call me on 0410 161 099 to find out how Reiki can support you in shifting old patterns that no longer work for you and create new ones that do!

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