April Newsletter

April Newsletter – Keep It Simple

Hi everyone,

In this month’s newsletter I’ll explain how when we keep things simple it can make life a lot easier.

Why do we often end up in a mess because we’ve made something more difficult than it could have been? Sometimes it’s because we’ve not looked at the small print or more likely made an assumption that’s proved to be unfounded.

From experience I’ve found that when we’re rushing or trying to juggle multiple activities it’s then that we come unstuck. My advice when you get into a complete whirlwind and can’t seem to stop yourself is to take some deep breaths and have five minutes of doing nothing. Then, when your mind is a little calmer, write down all the things you have to do along the left hand side of a piece of paper.  Once the list is more or less complete, on the right hand side put next to each one –

  1. when it needs to be done by?
  2. who can assist you in getting it done?
  3. who can do it for you and finally?
  4. does it really need to be done?

Allowing yourself these ten to fifteen minutes to organise your thoughts rather than trying to juggle everything in your head will make life a lot more manageable.

If you still struggle to unwind after this exercise then it’s time for some more in depth letting go. I strongly recommend a Reiki healing to support you in enabling this. Give yourself permission to have time out and experience this gentle hands on releasing process. Afterwards you will feel relaxed and in a calmer frame of mind to realistically look at your life and make sensible changes.

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Kind regards


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Client Testimonial

“Whilst experiencing a very challenging year the Reiki sessions have helped me to relax and focus on being calm during what is quite a stressful time. It has enabled me to channel my inner energy and reflect on the impact of my stress to my body. Jackie has been very supportive of me on this journey and it is greatly appreciated.” Deborah, Eltham


Keep It Simple